What is Eco Sapien?

We are a team of Conservation Biologists, who make YouTube videos all about Biodiversity, Ecology and the Natural World. Our mission is to show you why Biodiversity is important and why it is essential to our everyday lives.

Exploring the Importance of Biodiversity

What is Biodiversity?

From genetic diversity in animal populations, to different species of plants, to ecosystems like deserts or tundra - Biodiversity is an extremely broad term that describes the variety of life on Earth and the interactions between all these species, systems and variations.

Why is it important?

We rely on biodiversity for countless things; food, resources, medical care, all of which we wouldn’t have, if it wasn’t for the natural processes which create these vital assets.  But as we loose more and more biodiversity on a global scale, biodiversity loss is becoming an issue that, potentially, is more prevalent and damaging than climate change.