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Eco Sapien

We’re a team of Conservation Biologists. Fundamentally, our job is to stop biodiversity loss around the world. In a money-orientated world, we often have to justify why saving biodiversity is imperative, not only because of its right to exist, but because of its integral importance to humans.  Our YouTube channel is a window into just some of these issues. We hope to continue growing our library, illustrating conservation stories from around the world.

The Humans of Eco Sapien


David Bodenham

Executive Producer and Director

David is an Applied Ecologist, specialising in innovation. He is also an award-winning wildlife photographer and filmmaker.

A founding member of Eco Sapien and videography wizard, David's academic background lies within bat and amphibian conservation, although he has extensive knowledge of global biodiversity and ecological issues. Overseeing all content production and editing, David is responsible for bringing our ideas to life. Through his interdisciplinary projects, David has collaborated with universities and conservation organisations around the world exploring key conservation issues. An avid adventurer, you will find David most at home in the mountains.

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Phil Taylor



Phil has over a decade’s worth of experience of delivering wildlife education in the form of workshops, writing and photography.


​A founding member of Eco Sapien, currently Phil resides in York, working freelance on a variety of wildlife projects, including the St Nicks Discover Nature group, outreach for organisations including the Canal and River Trust and Natural England, and conducting wildlife surveys for ecology consultancies such as Quants. Most recently he has joined the Railway to Greenway project to highlight the importance of biodiversity along the green cycle ways between York and Selby.

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Arran Moran

Presenter and Creative


Arran works as a conservation biologist and science communicator, finding stories that have yet to be told.

Arran hopes to bring some fresh ideas to the Eco Sapien channel through his flair for creative writing, aiming to build upon his own filmmaking experience as he continues to pursue a career as a wildlife filmmaker and presenter. Alongside writing scripts, he’ll be helping to develop the social side of the channel, creating weekly videos covering a range of conservation stories and news events with the aim of producing both engaging and relevant digital content, enough to get anyone fascinated by nature.

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Charlie Young


Charlie is a Marine Scientist, avid adventurer and passionate science communicator whose work has taken her around the globe to research impacts such as plastic pollution and climate change, from the Red Sea to The Coral Triangle.


From leading scientific expeditions to presenting documentaries on her research, Charlie is a magical mix between scientist and communicator. In her role as an Eco Sapien Presenter, she hopes to captivate audiences with her engaging presenting style and find creative ways to disseminate complex scientific information to a wide audience.

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Emma Valbret

Social Media Coordinator


Emma has been interested in science communication since studying her MSc in Conservation and Biodiversity at Leeds. She's conducted research on the interaction between greenspaces and psychological well-being and is fascinated by the relationship between humans and nature.

Emma enjoys combining her scientific and creative sides, writing about ecological research and producing scientific videos for the public. She is also an award-winning photographer. As Social Media Coordinator at Eco Sapien, Emma hopes to develop her skills as a science communicator whilst engaging the public in science and raising awareness of the environmental challenges we face today.

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Toby Russell

Camera Operator and Cinematographer


Toby is an underwater media diver who works across the globe on a wide range of natural history, commercial and documentary projects for the BBC, National Geographic and Netflix. Trained as a marine biologist, he's now working to bridge the gap between academia and media by working with Sci-Comm agencies.

He's working with Eco Sapien as a cameraman and cinematographer. Assisting with the technical capabilities of the team, Toby brings bespoke footage shot across the UK, showcasing our incredible home countries. He also lives on a boat.

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